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SRM Institute of Hotel Management Adopts the Green Tuesday Initiative to Incorporate Plant-Based Cooking into Curriculum

SRM Institute of Hotel Management (SRM IHM), Chennai, has partnered with the Green Tuesday Initiative to integrate plant-based cooking into their culinary curriculum, marking a significant step towards sustainability and innovation in culinary education. The collaboration was formally recognized with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by Dr. D. Antony Ashok Kumar, Director of SRM IHM, in the presence of Vice Principal Mrs. Lalitha Shri J. at an event held on April 12th at the Institute.

By incorporating plant-based cooking, the institute will significantly decrease its utilization of ingredients with high carbon footprints such as meat and dairy. This collaboration will also benefit over 900 students at the Institute by equipping them with knowledge of plant-based culinary techniques. This will include the use of a wide variety of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, and plant-based proteins to create flavorful and nutritious dishes. Students will learn how to balance flavors, achieve desired textures, and present visually appealing meals using plant-based ingredients. Additionally, they will gain expertise in substituting traditional animal-based ingredients with innovative plant-based alternatives, enhancing their versatility and adaptability as future chefs.

Dr. D. Antony Ashok Kumar, Director of SRM IHM, expressed his support for the initiative, stating, “The Green Tuesday Initiative is an essential milestone in upgrading our curriculum and training resources. We aim to equip our students with advanced culinary techniques, and the ability to innovate and adapt in the dynamic food industry. By prioritizing plant-based cooking skills, we address the growing demand for sustainable and health-conscious dining, stay ahead of industry trends, and prepare future chefs to cater to diverse dietary preferences. This not only boosts their credibility but also fosters environmental responsibility among the students.”

Incorporating plant-based diets is crucial for environmental sustainability and health. The shift reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves water, and lessens the strain on land resources. By adopting plant-based cooking practices, SRM IHM is actively contributing to a healthier planet and setting a powerful example for the hospitality industry. Bhavya Vatrapu, the Senior Campaign Manager who leads the Green Tuesday Initiative in India and Vietnam, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, “This initiative not only benefits the environment but also prepares students to meet the rising demand for plant-based options in the culinary world. It equips them with essential skills to innovate and adapt in a rapidly evolving industry. By embracing these sustainable practices, students are gaining valuable skills that will make them leaders in the culinary industry, capable of driving positive change and innovation.”

Sowndarya Ganesan, Campaign Specialist, added, “We are excited to see SRM IHM lead the way in sustainable culinary education. This collaboration demonstrates the potential for significant positive impacts within the hospitality industry. For this, we provide comprehensive support and resources to institutions, including developing course modules, training workshops for faculty, access to a wide range of plant-based recipes, and ongoing consulting to ensure successful implementation. We are reaching out to more hotel management institutions and offering our support to implement the Green Tuesday Initiative and help add plant-based cooking to the curriculum. Interested institutions can reach out to us to explore this opportunity.”

In addition to the curriculum changes, SRM IHM will also introduce plant-based options in its cafeteria, further promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet among students and staff.

The partnership with the Green Tuesday Initiative is set to position SRM IHM at the forefront of sustainable culinary education, fostering a new generation of chefs who are proficient in both traditional and contemporary cooking techniques.

BITS Pilani (Goa), Lovely Professional University, REVA University, and Azim Premji University have previously adopted the Green Tuesday Initiative, as well. A smooth and successful implementation was ensured for these institutions through access to nutritious plant-based recipes, kitchen staff training, and vendor management.

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