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What is the Green Tuesday Initiative?

Green Tuesday Initiative is a program designed to help corporates and educational institutions reduce their environmental footprint by making small changes in the food they serve.


Green Tuesday Initiative Impact

Mn pounds of high carbon foot print food replaced
Partner corporates and educational institutions
Employees and students engaged
Countries (India & Vietnam)

Why Join Green Tuesday Initiative?

Green Tuesday Initiative helps you serve more climate-friendly plant-based food in your cafeterias and works in tandem with nutritionists and experts.

Employee Health and Wellness

By offering plant-based options, institutes prioritize well-being, empower people to make health-conscious, sustainable choices, fostering a healthy environment, and increasing employee productivity through improved health.

Fight Climate Change

A scope of reducing up to 106 kgs of greenhouse gas emissions and 7,134 liters of water per employee or student annually by making small changes just once a week.

Sustainability Goals

Achive your sustainability goals. Green Tuesday Initiative aligns with 7 of the united nations sustainability goals.

No Spends

Create a positive impact and raise awareness with no additional spending and minimal operational changes.

Our Support

We Will Help You At Every Step


Customised meal plans, sample menus, recipe books.


Kitchen staff training, cooking tips, nutritional information. 


Sample press releases, posters & standees, promotion tool kit.

Awareness Activities

Healthy cooking workshops, expert talks, tasting table events.

Expert Consultation

Consultation with expert nutritionists, chefs, and organizations in the health sector.

Green Tuesday Accreditation

Global accreditation, annual impact report, and renewal. 


Our Partner Speaks

80% of our Green Tuesday Initiative partners renew their partnership year on year. Here is what some of them say about us!

What's Your Food's Carbon Footprint?