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Green Tuesday Initiative's Vietnam Success

Our 1st Win In Vietnam

In the last quarter of 2023, we expanded the Green Tuesday Initiative to Vietnam! After five successful years in India and 50+ partnerships with corporates and education institutions, we wanted to use our experience and learning in a new country and create an impact for animals. 

Vietnam presents a huge opportunity to reduce the consumption of animal products. According to the FAO, it’s one of the fastest-growing meat consumers in the world. Meat consumption per person has more than doubled since 2002! Over the past six months, we’ve reached out to over 350 Vietnamese companies, raising awareness about the impact of animal agriculture on animals, the planet, and human health.

We’re excited to announce our first major partnership with FPT Corporation, a leading Vietnamese technology company. Working collaboratively with their leadership and sustainability teams, we’ll implement a phased Green Tuesday Initiative at their Ho Chi Minh City campus, with over 7,000 employees.

FPT will replace one meat dish on Tuesdays with a delicious plant-based alternative. This change will reduce their annual pork consumption by 222,39 kgs/ 49,028 pounds. We’ll work closely with FPT this quarter to organize awareness initiatives that educate employees about the benefits of plant-based eating and further increase the impact.

This is just the beginning of our journey in Vietnam. We’re confident that this partnership will encourage other companies in Ho Chi Minh City to take action and will be more receptive to working with us to create a lasting positive impact.

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